MARCH 3, 2023

Last September, Silk Sports Car participated in ICEM 2022, the International Conference on Electrical Machines held in Valencia, Spain. The conference is a semestral event and is the most important European conference organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) on electrical machine design and electromechanics. At the conference, the Silk Sports Car e-motor development team presented some of their research on traction electric motor technology for high-performance vehicles, titled “Design considerations for high power density traction PM motors with hairpin windings.” The article is now publicly available and can be downloaded here.

This paper substantially analyzes the design challenges involved in selecting the concept design for a high-power density traction permanent magnet motor, which is defined as the ratio of power to weight. The trade-off between power density, efficiency, and cost is studied by analyzing the most relevant design choices, including electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical aspects. This research will be a key pillar of the e-motors innovation that Silk Sports Car will develop soon.